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A Day In The Park In Auguste – Two Clown Watercolor

The Art of Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair

2013-03-03 20.50.10

Hello Fellow Clown Lovers,

Clowns – I love them!  I love to paint bright, colorful, happy images and clowns fit right in with that.

I have painted clowns for several years.  Until recently I focused on painting them in Acrylics on canvas, but I have renewed my love of Watercolor and I am currently working on a series of paintings that incorporates great clowns (most of whom I have made friends with on Facebook) and watercolor.  Since the watercolor series  is new and not well know I have the luxury of selling these paintings at a  pretty reasonable price.

I came across this cute image while looking thru some great photos that Beth Grimes and John Sayre AKA  “JP Ballyhoo”  had taken one afternoon while clowning around… I fell in love with the image.  This has 2 clowns and would not fit in my 9 X 12 painting size so…

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