Infinity + some + 2

I am still working on my last painting trip to Cyprus and Crete material, but today I will make a little break and show you something else.

The other day I published in my “Portraits for Life” blog, entirely dedicated to my portraits art,  a painting of the English musician and song writer Leo Sayer performing as a clown in “The Show Must go On”. Doing that I finally treated myself to something I have been meaning to do for a long time:

painting clowns!

But a sadistic little voice  in my head always told me that paintings of clowns are kitschy. Of course, I don’t want to be classified as a kitsch artist,  but then suddenly the strong voice of the enfantterrible within me rebelled:

” What do you care what people think? If you fancy painting clowns, paint clowns!”

I do care what people think… anybody saying…

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